SMART Workforce Solutions for the NHS empowering the workforce to meet the QIPP agenda

SMART’s innovative Real Time Hospital module extends beyond eRostering by comparing Patient Acuity Data with staffing levels providing both real time KPI alerts and historical trend analysis.

SMART’s new system Real Time Hospital is designed to enable NHS Trusts to
benefit from a 360° view of staffing in all clinical departments to deliver, manage
and maintain patient safety through optimised staffing levels.

With all NHS trusts facing budget cuts and looking to meet the challenges of the
new operating framework, commitment to the QIPP agenda remains as strong
as ever. SMART has worked with many NHS Trusts across the UK during the
last 25 years, helping them to optimise their workforce to deliver quality patient
care. Our recent work has involved the development of a new 360 degree view
of hospitals to support fact based decisions about patient care - we call this Real
Time Hospital.

Real Time Hospital will help you

  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce Patient Safety Incidents
  • Avoid the need for dedicated individuals to collect, collate and correlate the
  • Reduce temporary staffing through redeployment of staff
  • Reduce cost, accidents and risks
  • Increase quality, staff morale and efficiency
  • Provides Senior Manager and Directors with transparency, insight and
    evidence based decision-making support
  • Directorate/Trust wide graphical view of data


  • QIPP
  • Energise for Excellence
  • Productive Ward Programme
  • Temporary Staffing reduction initiatives
  • Quality and Safe Patient Initiatives
  • Acuity/Quality models
  • Best Practice/RCN recommendations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Organisational memory


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