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Demonstrate SAFE Patient-to- Nurse allocation based on actual patient demand

Modern healthcare organisations are focused on delivering quality patient care while increasing efficiencies, controlling costs, and improving workforce satisfaction.

Deliver high-quality patient care

Kronos OptiLink’s patient workload planning solution aligns the patient’s level of care complexity with staff expertise and experience, enabling Ward/Nurse Managers to assign safe, compliant workloads that optimise individual patient care, based on the desired case load for each nurse.

Kronos OptiLink® needs as well as dealing with Real Time Demand, today. provides data on the use of staffing and helps project future

Key Benefits

  • Provides transparency of staff numbers with required competencies, knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience to meet patient needs
  • Forecast and reporting ability on staffing levels and skill mix that reflect caseload and severity of patient illness and needs
  • Enables consistent provision of care n Improves staff and patient satisfaction
  • Improves staff retention n Helps deliver continuity of care using inbuilt wizard
  • Provides organisational openness and credibility n Helps identify under/over staffing gaps
  • Enables Predictive acuity modelling
  • Provides demonstrable risk analysis assessments to support sufficient staffing levels

Transparent Reporting & Evidencing

  • Provides reports on staffing to help with Root Cause Analysis
  • Provides managers with information to ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of staffing levels
  • Reports on capacity, demand trends and future operational/workforce planning
  • Offers extractable, reportable data configurable to meet Trust reporting demands 

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