SMART Workforce Solutions for the NHS empowering the workforce to meet the QIPP agenda

Kronos for Healthcare

Kronos® for Healthcare helps you deliver the highest quality patient care while you control labour costs, minimise compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity. The demand for quality healthcare is growing and costs are rising. How can you meet these challenges? With Kronos for Healthcare.

Kronos for Healthcare is an integrated, fully automated Workforce Management solution that helps you:

  • Balance labour costs with quality care by limiting agency hours, controlling overtime, and putting the right staff to work helping patients
  • Minimise risk by improving compliance with regulations and policies, whether they're governmental, corporate, or union
  • Raise employee productivity with flexible scheduling policies and employee self-service
  • Find best-fit employees who have the right mix of skills and experience

NHS Healthcare Organisations –Supporting Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention (QIPP)

In April 2012 SMART was acquired by Kronos Incorporated, the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions.

SMART workforce management solutions are used extensively throughout the UK NHS Sector. Our workforce management software enables NHS Trusts, Health Boards and other NHS healthcare organisations to meet their patient care objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including the Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention (QIPP) agenda.

SMART workforce management provides fully integrated e-rostering, time and attendance, management reporting, Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and payroll integration, bank management, and patient/nurse acuity. Our systems provide timely and actionable information on staffing levels and skills mix enabling managers to optimise staff and ensure that quality patient care is delivered as efficiently as possible.

With over 25 years experience in the health sector, SMART has built a reputation for working closely with many organisations across the health sector, building a deep understanding of workforce management and productivity issues and providing innovative solutions that support quality patient care. SMART was selected by McKesson to deliver its integrated e-Rostering and time and attendance human resource workforce management solutions to the NHS ESR programme.

Are you a current SMART customer looking for assistance with your product? Visit our SMART  customer portal . Or, for more information find out more about our NHS customers in the SMART Resource Library.

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